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Do you know uv mesh belt printer?
UV printers have indeed made a significant impact in the advertising industry due to their versatility and efficiency. UV flatbed printers, for instance, have become a staple in the sign industry, while roll-to-roll UV machines are commonly used in advertising printing applications.

UV mesh belt machines are especially popular among customers with limited production space or budget. These machines have expanded the range of printable media, as they can print on a variety of roll materials. This versatility is particularly valuable in the advertising sign industry.

The working principle of the UV mesh belt machine is similar to that of the UV flatbed printer. Both machines print graphics and text using inkjet control and UV light curing. However, the UV mesh belt machine moves the printing media in the Y-direction using a mesh belt platform, while the printing car is responsible for movement in the X-axis direction. In contrast, the UV flatbed printer uses a printing car to complete movements in both the X- and Y-directions simultaneously.

The UV mesh belt printer has the advantage of being highly compatible with various printing media. It is not affected by the hardness or softness of the material, and it makes loading and unloading materials more convenient and labor-saving. Moreover, when printing on roll materials, the UV mesh belt machine can fully utilize tail materials, reducing waste.

The Skycolor series 1904-UV mesh belt machine is a prime example of this type of UV printer. It is equipped with 4 Epson I3200-E1 nozzles and can print at speeds up to 69 square meters per hour. This makes it suitable for large-scale production and processing of leather products such as trolley cases, leather bags, leather albums, automotive interior seats, and sports equipment.

If you're interested in learning more about the Skycolor 1904, 1906, or 1908, don't hesitate to contact us at sale@skycoloruv.com or via WA/Wechat at +8615515715397.
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