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What to pay attention to before purchasing a UV flatbed printer
UV flatbed printer
1) UV flatbed printer manufacturer's strength: the strength of the manufacturer determines the stability of the machine and the after-sales service. The newly established company often has unstable machines. If the manufacturer has the strength, the sales volume is large, and there are many types of machines for customers to choose from, and there are many technicians, and the after-sales service can keep up with it! The high price of large company's machines is also worth it. It's comfortable to buy them! Skycolor UV printer factory is a professional printer manufacturer with more than 300 staff,which is a reliable choice.
2) Machine quality: when buying a machine, you need to understand the machine structure, machine board, motherboard, printhead, software, etc. of the company. Often, these hardware and software are to determine the quality stability and controllability of the machine!
3)Printing Performance: sometimes we hear the negative information of some companies. We can't believe it all. We need to understand it with a skeptical attitude. After all, the competition in this industry is fierce. It's too complicated. It's normal for someone to attack each other. Especially for some big companies, the sales volume is large. They have grabbed many customers by their strength and attracted a lot of criticism. From this side, the more It's a company with criticism, the more powerful it is, the better the machine is. You'll find another surprise in reverse thinking!
4)After sales service: after sales service is often the most important part of the five elements. After all, printer is not a car Which has 4S stores everywhere for maintenance. No manufacturer can guarantee that 100% of the machines will not have problems. At least some problems will be encountered. What to do? It needs the strong support of the manufacturer! Large manufacturers have many technicians,so it’s easy to dispatch tech for support clients! It's very convenient to call, which is the advantage of choosing a big company!
5)Machine price: UV printer price is often a secondary factor, but many customers consider the economic problems, often choose cheap machines, but remember, cheap goods are not good, don't dream to buy high quality goods with low price all day , don't be naive, There is no such good thing. Besides, in today's society, no much profit =no good service. so even if a factory can sell machine to you directly, it must be a small manufacturer, and there are not many technicians. Then you should pay attention to it. You must check whether it is the thing you need and the after-sales service you require, and you can't expect the machine offer you good performance! 
The precautions of printing the tile background wall under the EPS3200 head UV printer
EPS3200 head UV printer
At present, UV tile background walls can be printed with a variety of colors and various varnishes and 3D effects by Skycolor UV printers. However, due to the material of the tile background wall, if you do not pay attention to the matter during printing, it will easily lead problems to the UV printer. Today we will share with you the precautions of printing the tile background wall under the EPS3200 head UV printer!

First, the daily maintenance of UV printer head
Pay attention to the maintenance of the printhead during production and shutdown. When performing manual operations such as exhausting, regulating pipes, and cleaning the nozzles, we must protect the entire process from dust and static electricity to avoid improper operation caused by dust adsorption on the nozzles. Defects such as plugging points. Wear protective gloves when wiping the nozzle, and use a special dust-free cloth soaked with cleaning solution.

Second, the UV flatbed printer routine body maintenance
The body is wiped clean, and the non-working surface racks,head housings, and boards should also be cleaned in time. Pay attention to check whether there is any air leakage, ink leakage, air bubbles, ink deposition etc. in the ink inlet and outlet lines. During cleaning operation, pay attention to disconnect the power of the print head, discharge static electricity from your body, and take measures to prevent dust.

Third, the UV printer filter is changed regularly
The filter is changed regularly. The filter is an important part of the protection of the head under normal working conditions. After a long time of use, some residues will be deposited, which will affect the efficiency of the filter and the head and the machine.

Fourth, the UV printer ink system is regularly cleaned
Periodically clean the entire ink system. After a long running time, ink tanks, filters, pipes, nozzles, etc. will deposit and adsorb certain ink particles. Prompt and thorough cleaning is conducive to the overall good operation of the inkjet machine and the stability of post-production. It needs to be washed carefully.

Five, UV printer inkjet software maintenance
Inkjet software parameters are often observed and must not be modified at will. Regularly back up configuration files on the machine, so that the system can quickly restore various settings when the system crashes due to unexpected conditions, and regularly check and kill computer viruses.
What's the difference between UV printer and inkjet printer?
Skycolor EPS3200 Head UV printer
In the printing industry, there are many types of printer. Today, we want to share with you two kinds of printing equipment -Skycolor UV printer and inkjet printer. Both are printer series products, so what's the difference between them?

1.The range of materials printed by them is different.
Skycolor UV printer, also known as UV universal printer, means that it can basically print all plane materials, it can also print relief effect. The Skycolor UV roll to roll printer often prints some soft materials.

2. The curing methods of the two are different.
The Skycolor EPS3200 head UV printer uses UV light curing technology, that is, it can be dry as it finish printing, while the inkjet printer uses natural drying.

3. They use different ink.
Skycolor UV printers use UV ink; inkjet printers use solvent ink.

4. The visual effects of the two printers are different.
The EPS3200 head Skycolor UV printer prints out pictures with strong texture, brilliant color, high image accuracy, scratch resistance and stable color fastness. Inkjet printer can not achieve such printing effect.
What should I do if the material arches when the printer feeds paper?
Skycolor Paper Printer
In general, the skycolor paper printer requires continuous and uninterrupted long-term work. If paper feeding problems occur, it will not only affect the work efficiency, but also cause waste of printing consumables. Abnormal paper feeding in the paper printer is a very common printing failure, such as paper jams, skewed paper feeding, and arched paper feeding. The following is something about the problem of paper arching. 

There are three main reasons for paper arching of printer.One is the abnormality of the paper feeding system, the other is the abnormality of the suction platform, and the third is the problem of printing materials.

First of all, the paper feed system of the printing machine is abnormal, the paper feeding and roll paper steps are inconsistent, or there is an obstacle at the end of the printing machine when it works, which will cause the paper feed to arch. In addition, check the pressure roller and the platen to see if the pressure is too big, and you can adjust it appropriately. The uneven pressure,or the excessive pressure of the pressure roller and the pressure does not rotate or jam will cause problems such as arching or wrinkling when feeding the paper.
Secondly, the paper suction platform is abnormal, the fan of the paper suction platform does not turn, then the suction cannot work, so the material cannot be attached to the printing platform well, so when printing, it is easy to take the material away, and arching occurs.
Finally, the quality of the material is not good, which will cause the printing machine to feed abnormally, and it will also cause problems such as smearing of the pictures printed by the machine. In addition, if the material is wet, it will also cause the paper machine to move away. Therefore, you must always choose high-quality materials and store them properly to avoid moisture.
What should we do when the Skycolor SC-2513UV flatbed printer is drawing?
Skycolor SC-2513UV-3200 Flatbed Printer
Reasons for wire drawing:
First, the nozzle is slightly blocked.
Skycolor SC-2513UV flatbed printer nozzle clogging is a problem that UV flatbed printers often encounter during printing. UV flatbed printers are dot-matrix printing, which consists of dots of a certain density (DPI). Therefore, if any of the nozzle is blocked, it may cause a situation that the ink does not come out. This is often referred to as the case of drawing.
Second, the nozzle hole is obliquely spraying.
The so-called obliquely spraying is that the ink dot can be drawn out, but it is not sprayed to the position where it should be sprayed. In this way, a white line appeared where it was supposed to be sprayed, and a darker line appeared next to it.
Third, the reason of ink.
Choosing a good ink and a suitable ink is the right way. Once there is a problem with the ink, it will cause many problems such as nozzle clogging.
Fourth, the problem of machine maintenance.
The maintenance of the machine is also very important. Keep it clean and tidy. Install the air conditioner to keep the temperature and humidity suitable for the machine. The nozzle is very precise. In the case of a poor environment, dust particles adsorbed to the surface of the nozzle will also cause the nozzle to be blocked and sprayed obliquely, which will cause wire drawing.

How to solve after drawing:
1.If you use Skycolor SC-2513UV and find drawing in the printing process, we first need to clean the nozzle. The preliminary judgment is that the maintenance work was not done in time in daily use, which caused the printer nozzle to be slightly blocked. If the drawing can be improved by nozzle cleaning, then it is necessary to do maintenance in time in subsequent use.
2. If the above methods still cannot solve the problem, you can calibrate the printhead or clean it thoroughly again. Calibration method: Open the printing program, select the flatbed printer, then right-click, and select Maintenance, Print Head Calibration. Repeating this operation several times will improve the printing effect.
3. If none of the above two methods can be solved, please contact the after-sales personnel of the UV printer factory, but do not disassemble the printheads without authorization.
What is the solution to some small ink clusters when the inkjet printer works?
Skycolor Glass UV Inkjet Printing Machine
In the process of using the skycolor glass uv inkjet printing machine, you may encounter the situation of ink group, which will cause the printer to be damaged. So how to solve this situation?

1, Put the ink in a higher temperature place, such as a heated room, etc. The ink will slowly return to the normal state due to the influence of the temperature.
2, Reduce the consistency of the ink by heating This method is only applicable when the ink is waiting for printing. Put the container containing the ink in boiling water to quickly heat the ink. When using this method, be careful not to let water vapor run into the ink. In addition, take out the ink when the boiling water temperature drops to 27 degrees Celsius, because the ink can maintain a good working condition at 27 degrees.
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