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How long can the color of UV flatbed printer products last?
UV printers have many advantages, which have been stated for everyone in the previous article. Many friends are still paying attention to how long the color of the printed products of UV flatbed printers can last. Regarding this issue, we need to look at two factors.

1. Wear degree
That is to say, the frequency of use of the product itself and daily wear and tear. For example, frequent use of mobile phone casings, keychains, wallets, electronic product casings, etc. will inevitably cause certain wear and tear under daily conditions. The durability of the color can generally last One to two years, of course, it does not completely fade, but causes wear and discoloration to a certain extent. On the contrary, if the product is not used frequently, its durability will be appropriately extended. For example, for products with low indoor wear and tear, such as ceramic tile background walls, artistic glass partitions, glass photos, cabinet doors, etc., their color durability can last for five to eight years.

2. Usage environment
This is somewhat similar to what was mentioned above. For example, the color durability of outdoor billboards, signs, etc. can last for one to two years. If it is a wooden product that is exposed outdoors for a long time, its durability may be further. It is not difficult to see that the durability of color has a lot to do with the environment in which the product is used.

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