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How to solve the problem of dim printing effect of UV printer?

Nowadays, in the process of using UV printers, we sometimes find that in the same state, the patterns printed by the UV printer on some materials are not bright enough and are very dark. What is the reason? In fact, this reason appears on the curve, so how should we solve it? Below Skycolor will share with you an article about how to solve the problem of dim printing effect of UV printer?

The image output by the UV printer is not bright enough, and this problem cannot be solved by increasing the rise angle behind the curve in the color software. The specific rising angle value requires technical personnel to conduct actual debugging according to the color conditions of the customer's pattern in order to achieve the required standards.

In addition, the output image of the UV printer sometimes fades suddenly. There are only three reasons for this problem. Based on years of practical experience, some methods are proposed to help us solve problems encountered in practice.

Reason: The amount of ink on the layout is too little
Usually in the image control software of UV printers, there are different ink output controls such as 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%. If the operator is inexperienced, he will use 80% ink to print 100% ink, which will make the output image relatively light. The solution is to increase the amount of ink.

Printed pass too low
The color and accuracy of printing patterns of different hole types are different. High-pass printing is usually performed on small objects of certain materials, which can make the pattern clear and colorful. If it is a large-format printing, you can choose a lower layout printing. This requires technicians to print hole pattern settings for different materials based on actual experience.

Material impact
The transparency, gloss, smoothness and other characteristics of the negative film itself will affect the final UV printing effect, resulting in some output images being lighter and some being darker. "In addition to the visual errors of the naked eye, some materials have an adsorption effect on the ink, and some substances have a dissolving effect on the ink. For example, if you print a pattern on a traditional acrylic inkjet, the UV printer only needs 80% of the ink, no more A little will make the image darker.
All of these require UV printer technicians to continuously accumulate experience in actual printing in order to better solve these problems.

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