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Is a second-hand UV printer worth buying?

UV printers have been pursued by many people in the industry in recent years. Many friends want to use UV printers to improve the process of their products to increase product competitiveness. There is nothing wrong with choosing UV printers in this market. This equipment is widely used in industry. Industry insiders say that UV flatbed printers are a "device that can print in addition to water and air." It can print on glass, ceramic tiles, acrylics, etc. , KT board, metal, PVC board, wood, machine for printing on information boards. The scope of application is also very wide and can be applied in the advertising industry, home decoration industry, handicraft industry, digital industry and other industries.

Since it is industrial-grade equipment, the price is certainly not cheap, so many people think the price is very expensive and choose to buy second-hand UV printers.

The first point: UV printers are not small products like mobile phones or washing machines around us. The machines purchased by each manufacturer are different. Earlier, the UV printers we purchased were unstable. For example, Epson’s printers were ordinary. Processed by UV printer. Because the technology of the second-hand UV printers we buy is immature, and unscrupulous merchants will dispose of scrapped nozzles or motherboards and then sell them as good ones, if there is a problem, the entire machine will be useless.

Second point: The cost of second-hand UV printers is actually more expensive than new ones. UV printers have become very cheap since 2015. Because the current price of Ricoh nozzles for UV printers is hundreds of thousands. We have learned about flatbed printers and definitely know that the nozzles and boards are the core of UV printers. As long as it is a second-hand printer, the nozzles must have been used. When we buy a second-hand machine, we will definitely need to replace the nozzles. In fact, the converted price is actually the same as a new one. The machine is not much different, and there are also problems such as the lack of warranty for second-hand machines.

The third point: Of course, when we buy a UV printer, we will not leave out the after-sales issues. As long as the equipment is there, there will be problems, big and small. It doesn't matter if a problem occurs, the key is how we solve the problem. If you buy a second-hand UV printer, the after-sales service of the UV printer manufacturer is not guaranteed. These are costs. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy a second-hand printer.

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