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UV printer-equipment maintenance
Nowadays, UV flatbed printers are developing rapidly in all walks of life. Skycolor UV flatbed printers have long been widely used in ceramic tile printing production. The protection and maintenance of the equipment, no matter what model or type of equipment it is, requires careful research. Improper operation may cause many issues, both print quality and operating costs, will be affected.

Daily maintenance must be in place!

Maintenance of printheads: When performing manual operations such as exhausting, adjusting pipes, wiping nozzles, etc., complete dust-proof and anti-static protection must be provided to avoid improper operations that may cause dust to be adsorbed to the printheads and cause defects. Wear protective gear when wiping printheads. Gloves, use special lint-free cloth that has been soaked in cleaning materials.

Filter replacement: Replace the filter regularly. The filter is an important part of protecting the printhead under normal working conditions. After long-term use, some residue will accumulate, affecting the filtration efficiency, thereby affecting the printhead and machine.

Regularly clean the ink system: After long operation, the ink tank, filter, pipeline, nozzle, etc. will have a certain amount of ink particles deposited and adsorbed. Timely and thorough cleaning is beneficial to the overall good operation of the inkjet machine and the stability of later production. Need to be cleaned carefully.

Observe the parameters of the inkjet software: parameters must not be modified at will, and configuration files need to be backed up regularly to prevent various device data from being quickly restored when the system crashes due to unexpected circumstances. It is best to regularly check for computer viruses and repair vulnerabilities in a timely manner.

Regular ink stirring: Because ceramic ink is composed of inorganic colorants, organic solvents, dispersants and other ingredients. Since the specific gravity of ceramic colorants is much greater than that of solvents, the colorant particles will settle to the bottom of the container to form a colorant layer after being left for a long time, which is called a colorant layer. precipitation. Choosing good ink is also essential.

Routine fuselage maintenance: Wipe and clean the fuselage, and the non-working surface rack, nozzle casing, boards, etc. should also be cleaned in time. Pay attention to check whether there are any abnormalities such as air leakage, ink leakage, bubbles, ink precipitation, etc. in the ink inlet and outlet pipes. During cleaning operations, be sure to disconnect the nozzle power, discharge static electricity from your body, and take dust-proof measures.

The nozzle of a UV flatbed printer is the core part of the entire equipment. Therefore, during use, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the nozzle. In addition, attention should also be paid to filter replacement, ink system cleaning management, and shutdown maintenance. Management, management of inkjet machine working parameters and software, fault handling management, etc.

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