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What should we do if the UV printer has some abnormal smell during the printing process?

Nowadays, more and more people buy uv printers. Skycolor UV printer has been accepted by more and more people. Obviously, the role of large format UV flatbed printers in the market is becoming more and more prominent! But some customers are confused, large uv flatbed printer in the printing process some abnormal odor how to do? Will affect the health?

UV inks are non-toxic after curing and are relatively environmentally friendly, but not harmless. For printing operators, they should pay attention to protective measures such as masks and gloves during the working process, because Uv ink contains chemicals, and the worse the quality of the ink, the heavier the smell. Therefore, we suggest our customers to buy some high quality inks.

The reasons are as follows:

1. LED UV curing lamps produce a slight ozone during the irradiation process. This kind of odor is relatively light and little, it is hard to smell.

2. Different materials will be environmentally cracked out of the relevant chemical substances, resulting in a pungent odor. This odor is relatively light, it is difficult to smell.

3. UV ink products themselves have a certain odor, curing will produce some odor, or chemical reaction with the substrate itself produces odor.

4. Some customers will add some additives and other auxiliary materials according to the requirements of their own products during the actual printing, which may produce irritating odor.

Removing UV ink odor can be achieved in 3 ways:

1. Replacing the uv ink needed for the UV machine with environmentally friendly green ink that does not contain VOCs and other chemicals.

2. adding odorants and other ingredients to the UV ink. But this needs to be arranged under the guidance of the manufacturer to avoid clogging the printhead and ink road.

3. UV ink prints are best placed in a ventilated place for more than 12 hours, which can remove the odor.

It is worth noting that the odor itself will evaporate quickly and will not remain on the surface of the substrate for a long time. The operator can keep a distance of more than 2 meters from the printing platform of the UV flatbed printer.

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