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Hot weather, eco solvent machine maintenance guide
The weather is getting hotter, how is your eco solvent  machine?
The eco solvent printer is a kind of relatively sophisticated printing equipment. It has been in a high-temperature working environment for a long time. Not only will there be problems in printing, but it may also damage the core accessory nozzle.
Next, let's take a look at how to maintain the Skycolor eco solvent machine in hot weather.

If the high temperature weather does not do a good job of cooling and dehumidification, what impact will it have on the eco solvent machine?
1. The eco solvent machine will continuously emit heat during the working process. If there is no timely ventilation and heat dissipation, the heat accumulation to a certain extent will easily cause the related control board of the eco solvent machine to malfunction. The data chip on the main board will affect the data transmission and the printing speed. Slow down, or even other serious damage to chips, electronic components, and circuits.
2. In a high-temperature environment, the ink fluency is not good, and the ink is prone to breakage, resulting in poor printing quality and broken lines.
3. If the eco solvent machine is in a space with excessive humidity for a long time, it is prone to ink clogging. At the same time, the precise data chip and electronic components are easily corroded, which will affect the service life of the photo machine. Therefore, the humidity in the computer room is best kept between 35% and 65%. Therefore, I would like to remind advertisers that in high temperature weather, when using a eco solvent printer, you must pay attention to cooling down. Main points of high temperature maintenance of eco solvent machine.

1. The best indoor temperature for the operation of the eco solvent machine is between 15-30 degrees. In the current high temperature of 35 degrees, it is necessary to cool down with a fan or air conditioner.
2. Drying is always accompanied by high temperature. At this time, you need to pay attention to anti-static/anti-dry ink, and often sprinkle some water on the ground to help prevent the indoor air from being too dry. At the same time, install a grounding wire for the eco solvent machine to prevent static electricity.
3. In a high-temperature environment, do not connect too many devices to one power strip. The eco solvent machine and computer can be specially equipped with a power strip, and the external dryer uses a single power strip. Other electrical appliances such as chargers/fans/air conditioners need to be equipped with an additional plug strip. Do not mix a plug strip with the eco solvent machine.
4. Summer in the south is not only hot, but also rainy. If the humidity is too high, it will affect the drying speed of the picture. In order to avoid sticking together due to the wet printing ink when rewinding, it is recommended to use a cooling fan to air dry.
5. When it is rainy in summer, the humid weather will affect the normal use of the printer. It is recommended to use a dehumidifier to dehumidify. At the same time, the casing of the main body of the eco solvent machine should be covered to prevent humid air from invading related circuit boards and components.
6. In order to ensure the stable and continuous operation of the printer in summer, we must strictly control the indoor temperature and humidity. It is best to place a thermometer and hygrometer indoors for real-time viewing and timely adjustment. Summer is coming, and it will usher in continuous high temperature. When using the eco solvent machine, you must pay attention to preventing high temperature and maintaining a suitable working temperature and humidity.

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