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How to save at least 85% of ink with UV printer?

Since UV printers entered the market, they have been widely loved by everyone. Nowadays, with the increase in printing business, UV printer consumables can be said to have become the most troublesome problem for all enterprises. After all, consumables are also a big cost. UV printers are often used for printing production, and it will be more affordable to replace the original ink cartridges. Today, Skycolor UV will share with you an article that will teach you three ways to save at least 85% of ink on your UV printer.

1. The use of economic mode

Strictly follow the basic principle of saving ink, the rational use of UV printer economic mode. UV printer in the pocket of the general public to join the "economic printing mode" function, the use of this mode can save nearly half of the ink, and can greatly improve the printing speed.


2. Use up the last drop of ink

When the UV printer ink runs out, the printer will prompt the user to replace the cartridge, many people will immediately replace the new cartridge. In fact, there is a small amount of residual ink on the UV board, we can use the control board or the machine's own software for several times to clean and continue to use.


3. Avoid frequent guidance

Because every time you start, the device has to carry out a full range of automatic testing, not only time-consuming, but also involves cleaning the printing head, filling the ink delivery system, which is inevitable waste of some ink, good for once a day transfer machine.

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