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How to solve the problem of UV printer print image is too dark?
In the printing process of UV printers, users may encounter a problem where the image printed on the material is not bright enough and has a very dark feeling, despite the pattern editing process remaining unchanged, the ink not being replaced, and the nozzle being in good condition. But fear not! Skycolor UV is here to help you solve this issue and achieve the vibrant and high-quality prints you desire!

Why do UV printers print images that are too dark?

In fact, this reason appears in the curve!

the role of the UV printer curve is to specifically deploy the proportion of color, allowing the UV printer to output images that are 100% restored to the specified requirements. How exciting! When the operator sets up the printing accuracy and PASS Road, there is a small setting behind the curve to reduce the value of the dark color part. Let's make sure to keep those colors balanced!

It's important to note that if the value of the dark color is too high, it will inevitably reduce the final pattern's bright effects. It is worth noting that different materials, due to transmittance, light type, and other factors, can cause the same set of curves to appear differently in different materials. Some may appear darker or lack certain shades of darkness. This requires technicians to continue accumulating corresponding experience!

UV printer output image not bright enough?

No problem! Simply increase the curve behind the rising angle in the color software to solve the issue. Let us help you achieve the perfect print! Our technicians will adjust the rising angle values according to your specific color conditions to meet the standard requirements.

In addition, sometimes UV printer output image will suddenly fade! The reason for this problem is no more than three. According to years of practical experience, we now provide some ways to help you solve the problem encountered in practice!

Reason 1: Don't let low ink volume settings hold you back!

UV printers come with image control software that allows you to adjust ink output from 40% to 100%. However, inexperienced operators may accidentally print at 80% instead of 100%, resulting in a lighter image. To fix this, simply increase the ink output.

Reason 2: Boost your printing quality by increasing the PASS setting.

Wow! Have you ever noticed that different PASS settings can affect the color and accuracy of your printouts? When printing on smaller objects, using a high PASS setting can make the pattern clear and colorful. But for larger format printing, a lower PASS setting might be a better choice. Exciting stuff, right? It's important for technicians to use their experience to determine the best PASS settings for different materials.

It's true! And let's not forget about the impact of the material itself!

The transparency of the substrate itself, gloss, smoothness, and other characteristics will have a significant impact on the final UV printing effect, resulting in some images appearing lighter or deeper than others. But don't worry, our team of experts will ensure that your prints come out looking amazing! It's important to note that different materials have varying levels of ink absorption and dissolving effects, which can also affect the final output. As an example, in the conventional acrylic inkjet printing patterns, UV printers only need 80% of the amount of ink! A little more will cause the image to become even deeper and more vibrant!

These technicians are experts in UV printer technology and are constantly accumulating experience to better solve any problems that may arise!

Welcome to Skycolor! With nearly a decade in the printer industry, we specialize in uv and manufacturing, offering exclusive UV printer solutions. With a worldwide footprint, including partnerships with distributors in the USA, Canada, UK, Italy, and Spain, let's unite to advance into the next stage of business expansion!

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