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The difference between indoor eco solvent and outdoor eco solvent
The difference between indoor eco solvent and outdoor eco solvent introduces the Skycolor to take you to understand it in detail.

Eco solvent printers are mainly divided into two categories, namely outdoor photo printers and indoor photo printers. In fact, the difference between the two is only the difference in sun protection. For indoor eco solvent printers, the printed products can not with stand the wind and sun, and are easy to fade, so they are suitable for indoor use. However, the pictures printed by indoor photo machines are detailed and clear, with high color saturation, so the pictures in our common activities, booths, and exhibition halls are all printed by indoor printers. The products printed by the outdoor eco solvent machine can with stand wind and rain outdoors without fading, and are often suitable for outdoor use.
The structure of the print head of the outdoor eco solvent  machine and the indoor eco slovent machine is different, so the applicable inks are also different. The ink used in the outdoor eco solvent printer is water-based ink, so it is not waterproof. Consumables are also not waterproof, so they melt when exposed to water. The ink used in outdoor eco solvent machines is oil-based ink, which is waterproof. Since the outdoor spray painting picture is hung outdoors for a long time, ultraviolet rays, acid and alkali, sand and air pollution will affect the picture, so when choosing ink, try to choose light fastness level 7 (the highest level is level 8, due to color reasons, individual color world Only products with a maximum level of 7) or above and weather resistance level 5 (the highest level is 5) are available on the market.
Indoor eco solvent machine printing consumables are not waterproof, so they will melt when exposed to water. The printing consumables of the outdoor eco solvent machine are weak solvent materials that can be waterproof. It should be noted that the outdoor eco solvent machine cannot print water-based materials. Layer peeling phenomenon.

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