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How to properly install print head of flatbed uv printer?
During long-term use of flatbed uv printer, we need to replace new print head sometime. Replacement of printhead must be carried out according to requirements. Let us understand matters needing attention in installation and removal of head.
Flatbed UV Printer
1. Empty ink in flatbed uv printer head and rinse it with a special cleaning solution;
2. Turn off power of large uv printer and unplug power socket;
3. Test fuselage with a multimeter to see if there is static electricity, and discharge static electricity;
4. Remove right screw fixing printhead, loosen upper screw and left screw, and remove it;
5. Put printhead of large uv printer on non-woven fabric with cleaning liquid and put it in head box.

Correctly loading and unloading print head of flatbed uv printer can avoid some unnecessary losses and prolong service life of print head.
Large UV Printer
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